It is important for us to come to an agreement with our clients early in a matter as to the anticipated costs of any matter. We encourage discussion as to costs from the outset of a matter. The factors that apply to costs will vary from matter to matter. In some cases we will be able to give a lump sum quote and others we will need to work on an hourly rate.

Client Agreements

Where appropriate, we will enter into Client Agreements with clients setting out details of our retainer. Our Client Agreements comply with relevant statutory requirements.


In addition to costs, we incur outlays in most matters. Outlays can vary from search fees through to barristers’ costs. Generally we seek payment of money into our trust account to cover estimated outlays.


We render accounts at regular intervals during the course of a matter but usually no more frequently than monthly. This practice enables our clients to know on a regular basis what the costs situation is. We seek payment of our accounts within 14 days.


You will need to add GST to all quotes that we give for costs and disbursements.